Niall Breen Solicitors | Criminal Defence
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Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence

Niall Breen & Co. Solicitors have extensive knowledge of all aspects of criminal
defence and road traffic law prosecutions. Our experience ranges from minor
pubic order and theft matters in the District Court to serious Assaults and Sexual Assaults before the Circuit Criminal Court and Central Criminal Courts.


We attend Court on a weekly basis and are on the legal aid panel and represents clients through the free legal aid scheme as well as private clients. If legal aid in granted by the Court, our fees will be discharged in full by the Legal Aid Board.


In order to make an application for Legal Aid, it is necessary to submit a Statement of Means to the Court.


If you have been arrested for questioning we can attend at the Garda Station to
provide advise to you. We have also appeared in the Court of Criminal Appeal on behalf of clients and brought successful Judicial Reviews in the High Court.


We can provide the following services:

  • Advice before a Garda Interview.
  • Attendance at the Garda Station prior to interview and during detention.
  • Bail Applications in the District Court and High Court.
  • Representation in all Criminal Courts.


If you have been charged or summonsed to attend Court on any of the following
offences, please contact Niall Breen & Co. Solicitors on 042-9332467


  • Public Order Offences.
  • Road Traffic Offences e.g. no insurance, no licence, speeding etc.
  • Drink Driving.
  • Drug Offences.
  • Assault
  • Theft.
  • Sexual Offences.
  • Homicide Charges.
  • Robbery.
  • Burglary.
  • Firearm Offences.